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Speed comparison

Different functions of HAM Office 5 and HAM OFFICE .my logbook in speed comparison

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HAM OFFICE .my logbook has a completely new high-performance SQL database compared to older HAM Office versions. This allows various time-consuming functions to be optimized more in terms of speed.

The figure above compares some functions of HAM Office 5 (version 5.9.6) and HAM OFFICE .my logbook (version 6.245.0). The dark blue bar shows how much less time HAM OFFICE .my logbook needs compared to HAM Office 5 (the light blue bar), which is always set to the same size for a better overview.

2. Import of a logbook

In both programs, an ADIF file with 10000 QSOs was imported into a new, empty logbook without data synchronization.
As HAM OFFICE .my logbook only carries out various checks when they are necessary, it can be up to 6 times faster than HAM Office 5.

3. Synchronization

For a newly imported logbook, various fields were filled with known values using the data synchronzation function. The optimization functions of the HAM OFFICE .my logbook database make this function up to 2 times faster.

4. Rebuilding the statistics

Despite more complex statistical evaluations, HAM OFFICE .my logbook is slightly faster than HAM Office 5 when rebuilding the entire statistics file.

5. LogCheck search

With these and similar functions, HAM OFFICE .my logbook shows the full strength of its new databases. The search result is there almost instantly and thus, depending on the search, over 5 times faster than in erlier versions.

6. Program start

New programs do not have to slow down despite the new functionality. The start of HAM OFFICE .my logbook takes place at the same speed as that of HAM Office 5.

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