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  • 6.289.2: Label printing options for email QSL: if you changed the file type to BMP, you couldn't go back to JPG. This is now corrected.
  • 6.289.2: Label printing EMail-QSL: new option "Open folder with created images next to the e-mail program". This option is helpful if you cannot insert the created images with Ctrl+V after starting the e-mail program. Now you simply drag the image from this folder into the e-mail with the mouse. (Premium License)
  • 6.289.2: minor optimizat

04.08.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.2

  • 6.289.1b: improved display of the date input window for statistics - DXCC -DXCC-Award
  • 6.289.1b: Difference between IARU fieldday and VHF summer fieldday more visible in the fieldday contest
  • 6.289.1: August contest update
  • 6.289.1: Contest: new contest FM summer fieldday (premium license)
  • 6.289.1: Conteste: CAT button now remains visible when CW keyer is on
  • 6.289.1: Stats own stats lists: Fixed an error when saving a stats list after reb

28.07.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.1b

  • 6.289.0: HAM OFFICE now remembers which monitor it was run on, even with maximum display, and opens it again in this monitor (premium license)
  • 6.289.0: Adjustments to changes in the calendar: Clicking on the contest entry jumps straight to the announcement instead of to the general contest page
  • 6.289.0: Communication status window: correctly displays number of COM ports even if they have not yet been activated

14.07.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.0

  • 6.288.7: July contest update

30.06.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.7

  • 6.288.6: Import: The names for your own antenna and your own TRX were not fully adopted when importing ADIF files. Corrected now.
  • 6.288.6: Statistics - Table: Clicking with the mouse on a band/mode square did not display a complete result if the mode had a user-defined name. Corrected now.
  • 6.288.6: some contest tweaks

24.06.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.6

  • 6.288.5b: AGCW VHF-UHF contest: Fixed version 6.288 bug in EDI file creation, if there were problems submitting the file, contestants send at the contest, please repeat the newly created EDI file
  • 6.288.5: Import: QSOs with "ERROR" in the call are not imported (premium license)
  • 6.288.5: Update of the "Westphalia South Activity Day" and "Westphalia North Activity Day" contests

16.06.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.5

  • 6.288.4: Import EDIM files (MSHV) for "external logs": RSTs and RSTr now in correct order
  • 6.288.4: Statistics: Reworked switching between current DXCC and all DXCCs in the statistics list
  • 6.288.4: Fixed F3 map in QSO input window: sometimes showed world map instead of DL map
  • 6.288.4: eQSL export for purchase version: Enter the user name immediately before uploading the ADIF file

09.06.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.4

  • 6.288.3: CW-Keyer: when switching from the ContestLog to the QSO input window and back, the CW texts changed : now corrected
  • 6.288.3: Contest: Message about exceeding the band limit when transferring from cluster to the contest log can now be switched off (premium license)
  • 6.288.3: Copy logs: title bar is updated when log changes
  • 6.288.3: Switch between log as list and QSL input: now remembers column widths better
  • 6.288.3: Fix font size in diffe

02.06.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.3

  • 6.288.2: Update Contest June
  • 6.288.2: New contest: Training contest FM/2m (OV L33) [HAM FUN]
  • 6.288.2: Fixed an error message when switching between the DX cluster windows

27.05.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.2

  • 6.288.1b: Fixed an error message when opening the large DX alarm window
  • 6.288.1: (For some users who downloaded the update on May 19th, 6.287.1 is incorrectly displayed as the version number. The update is therefore suggested to them again. Sorry!)
  • 6.288.1: Online update correction: since the last update, the call data has always been loaded completely, which has now been corrected
  • 6.288.1: Web browser in the program: Anyone who has problems displaying certai

20.05.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.288.1

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