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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
  • 6.294.0: June contest update
  • 6.294.0: QSO input window: retracting and extending the button bars revised
  • 6.294.0: Web browser in the QSO input window: if BNetzA and QRZ.com are queried at the same time, the correct shifting now takes place in both windows (if advertising is to be hidden)< /li>
  • 6.294.0: Autobackup: if autobackup is not switched on, a security prompt appears when closing the program settings
  • 6.294.0: Autorestore: when you call data back

25.05.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.294.0

  • 6.293.7: Update contest Rhineland-Palatinate activity evenings (6-digit locator as multi)
  • 6.293.7: eQSL photo box: Double-click is prevented when archiving
  • 6.293.7: Maps (general, cluster, beacons, SAT) use the locator stored in the logbook for the position instead of the locator in the program options (for the map in the QSO entry window has always been like this)
  • 6.293.7: Rework of QSLr and QSLs character substitution during import

17.05.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.7

  • 6.293.6: Fix for enter key in contests
  • 6.293.6: Beacon tracking changes

12.05.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.6

  • 6.293.5: Conteste: CW Keying Stabilization
  • 6.293.5: Web browser in QSO entry window: updating favorites list
  • 6.293.5: Import of FT4 and Vara QSOs: Both in the normal import settings and in the import preferences for web QSO exchange you can now specify how QSOs with are to be treated in "Data" mode. This eliminates regular queries.
  • 6.293.5: Print QSO lists: error message fixed
  • 6.293.5: Login to web QSO exchange: call sign up to 15 characters possi

27.04.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.5

  • 6.293.4: May contest update
  • 6.293.4: fix for contests with 4-digit locator multiplier
  • 6.293.4: Corrections in the timing of reading external log files
  • 6.293.4: Log selection menu on start page now updates immediately after creating or changing a log
  • 6.293.4: Nord Contest: Fix multi-display

20.04.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.4

  • 6.293.3: QSO input web browser: Edit switch again to the left of the input field and the "activate" link at the top visible again when using the internet browser (however, we recommend using the program options - Callbook & Internet - Settings to activate the Edge browser)
  • 6.293.3: Correction Contest IARU 50/70 MHz (Premium License)
  • 6.293.3: import - comparison with qrz.com etc: some revisions

13.04.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.3

  • 6.293.2: Update of various database entries.
  • 6.293.1: Improvements for 2nd monitor view
  • 6.293.1: Update contests HAM North and Rhineland Palatinate activity evenings
  • 6.293.1: New contests IARU 50 MHz and IARU 70 MHz (premium license)
  • 6.293.1: HAM Atlas: now also scans PNG (premium license)

06.04.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.1

  • 6.293.0b: the button bar in the web browser may have disappeared - now corrected
  • 6.293.0b: Holyland contest fix
  • 6.293.0: April contest update
  • 6.293.0: When starting the program, the reading of external logs is now started before the web QSO exchange
  • 6.293.0: When exiting the program, reading external logs before web QSO exchange is stopped
  • 6.293.0: various layout fixes

23.03.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.293.0

  • 6.292.7: Import external logs: checking the import files for defects in advance and excluding imports without tape etc
  • 6.292.7: QSO input: with some call suffixes the location in the QSO was sometimes not displayed correctly in the QSO - now corrected
  • 6.292.7: Statistics on maps: various corrections (also in HAM Atlas)

16.03.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.292.7

  • 6.292.6b: Change in program options - external logs were sometimes not saved completely - now corrected
  • 6.292.6: HAM abc dictionary database update
  • 6.292.6: HAM abc quick search search results improvement
  • 6.292.6: Fix for CW keyer with sound card
  • 6.292.6: QSL label: there were discrepancies when switching between different created labels - now corrected
  • 6.292.6: QSL label: Fixed an error message when email label has the option "plain te

10.03.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.292.6b

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