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  • 6.292.0: February contests update
  • 6.292.0: Fixed EQSL export via web browser on paid version
  • 6.292.0: Import and import from WSJT-X: Correction when assigning default log values for custom station data
  • 6.292.0: Import from WSJT-X: acceptance of frequency 2 (FreqRX)
  • 6.292.0: QSO input window - XPress layout - Export EDI: another improvement in the EDI output
  • 6.292.0: Export to web databases: fixing a protection fault when web access was

26.01.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.292.0

  • 6.291.5: QSO input window: selection buttons for remarks etc were sometimes not visible: now better
  • 6.291.5: QSO entry window - XPress layout - Export EDI: improvements in EDI output
  • 6.291.5: QSO input window: The size of some input fields on the right border changed unexpectedly - now fixed
  • 6.291.5: Statistics analysis on map: some stations were not correctly displayed as 'confirmed' - now corrected (also update at HAM Atlas)
  • 6.291.5: WRTC callsi

19.01.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.5

  • 6.291.4: Revision of the QRB and Beam display in the QSO entry window
  • 6.291.4: DXCluster switch fully visible again in paid version
  • 6.291.4: DXCluster: Update map and stats overhauled (quieter)
  • 6.291.4: various revisions for the "classic" layout
  • 6.291.4: Revision of the mode display in the F program

05.01.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.4

  • 6.291.3: January contest update
  • 6.291.3: QSL printing: when sorting by QSL bureau, QSLvia entries with more than 5 characters are now also sorted
  • 6.291.3: Small cluster window at the flag: Calling setup with the right mouse button now works again
  • 6.291.3: Import: Consideration of different VARA submodes (premium license)
  • 6.291.3: Export: VARAC submodes can optionally be exported as submode or main mode (see options in the export window) (premium

28.12.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.3

  • 6.291.2: Improvements for the ARRL 10m contest
  • 6.291.2: Improved positioning of the EQSL window next to the log when there are two screens
  • 6.291.2: WAV2 folder will be created correctly the next time the update is called, so that revised WAV files are loaded with the update
  • 6.291.2: Spanish Provinces renewed
  • 6.291.2: "New" and "Options" buttons now work correctly again for calendar
  • 6.291.2: Customization of color for QSLInfo in night mode

09.12.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.2

  • 6.291.1c: Unfortunately another small correction of version 6.291.1: the information under the QSO input fields did not adjust correctly to the window size.
  • 6.291.1b: With version 6.291.1 the OP picture in the flag window stopped after the end of the QSO. This is now corrected.
  • 6.291.1b: another small correction to Export DARC-QSL
  • 6.291.1: New Contest: ARRL 10m Contest (Premium License)
  • 6.291.1: New Contest: USKA Christmas Contest (Premium

01.12.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.1

  • 6.291.0: December contest update
  • 6.291.0: QSO input: the map was sometimes not displayed on first launch, now ok
  • 6.291.0: QSO input: some input fields were hard to see in night color mode, ok now
  • 6.291.0: Correction for reading the XML file from HRD
  • 6.291.0: CSV import: extended date formats
  • 6.291.0: QSO entry easy layout: some revisions
  • 6.291.0: Correction of the app function: Clicking on cluster in the app shows QSO in the

24.11.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.0

  • 6.290.5: Reduced web queries when uploading a QSO to the QSO input fields
  • 6.290.5: starting the program on 2nd monitor: did not work correctly in 6.290.4 when the window was maximized - now fixed
  • 6.290.5: Elekraft K4: better mode implementation for RXonAir function
  • 6.290.5: Correction of some IOTA and DOK entries

10.11.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.5

  • 6.290.3: November contest update
  • 6.290.3: Import: When importing manually, only the file and folder of the last manual import are displayed, not those of the automatic imports
  • 6.290.3: Data Editors: Fix for "Clear Columns" button
  • 6.290.3: QSO input: if an additional field contains a selection list, the selection is now correct and you don't have to click twice anymore
  • 6.290.3: large map: grayline setting is now also saved permanently
  • 6.29

28.10.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.3

  • 6.290.2: If the map of the QSO entry window is displayed on a second monitor, it now updates again immediately after the QSO change.
  • 6.290.2: Data synchronization and import: New option "Set end time to UTC if end time is empty". (Premium License)
  • 6.290.2: Import: New option "Use own station data if no information about it in the import file". (Premium License)
  • 6.290.2: Import: Various fields that HAM OFFICE does not need are automatically hidden when reading the

21.10.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.2

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