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Comments about HAM Office
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26-Jul-21 09:23 DF3XZ oh, mein Text war zu lang, so dass nur ein kleiner Teil im Co0mment veröffentlicht wurde.
26-Jul-21 09:22 DF3XZ Das Programm bietet weit mehr, als nur Logbuchfunktionen. Auch als Contestlog leistet es gute Dienste, insbesonders seit kürzlich das UKW-Contestlog überarbeitet wurde, so dass auch UKW-Conteste mit mehreren Bändern und getrennter Nummerier
19-Jul-21 19:40 IN3ENN super sache ,klappt gut
07-Jun-21 19:02 DL1SKB klappt alles super; empfehlenswert!
27-May-21 18:06 DH0GB Ich bin serhr zufrieden mit dem Programm
21-May-21 09:14 PA3EVG Hervorragend, eQSL klappt super
15-May-21 08:56 DL2BR Einfach perfekt für mich. Weiter so.
04-May-21 06:54 DO5HCS Es ist ein Super-Programm mit allen Funktionen, die man benötigt. Der Support ist schnell und toll.
20-Apr-21 20:44 DD4DA since hamlog retiered a few years ago, i had decide me using Hamoffice. It's an amazing station logbook.
24-Mar-21 19:02 DL1LRI 100% satisfied, top software, using for more than 10 years now, DL1LRI
21-Mar-21 10:06 OE6CUD Verwende es seit viele Jahren und bin sehr zufrieden damit
18-Mar-21 16:03 DF6QP Bin seit Jahren sehr zufrieden, Support ist auch immer sehr schnell und hilfsbereit
16-Mar-21 12:18 DG6ITP Bin vollaufzufieden
07-Mar-21 22:13 DH0YAH I am very satisfied and have been using it for several years *
05-Feb-21 12:06 DL8BV fb log
19-Jan-21 00:56 PT2ZXR I LIKE IT
13-Jan-21 10:12 DL1LQ My amateur radio secretary *
13-Jan-21 02:03 DD7GU I am very satisfied with Ham Office *
10-Jan-21 20:22 DL2ZJA am very satisfied *
28-Dec-20 19:56 DH6BH Keep it up .... Great *
28-Dec-20 19:25 DD4WK a very excellent program with an exemplary hotline *
26-Dec-20 17:32 DK8RE Great program for HAMs and ufb service !!! *
24-Dec-20 11:11 DL1SWB I work with Hamoffice almost from the 1st day, I am very satisfied and always surprised by what the Tiem can think of, thank you and keep it up !! *
20-Dec-20 23:02 DG1YFF I have been using HAM OFFICE including the additional programs for years and am amazed what new futures the Berliners can think of. Fully satisfied with the software !!!!! *
18-Dec-20 16:29 DG3PJ I have tested different Log-Prgs.My best experience I have had with HO and I am using it now since many years. The service ist very fast and excellent!
16-Dec-20 06:53 HB9GYB I like this software, HB9GYB
10-Dec-20 08:01 DG6ITP I am very satisfied with HamOffice. Thanks keep it up! *
03-Dec-20 10:34 DB8AH I have been completely satisfied with Ham Office for 20 years. (also DL0GC) Thank you very much *
03-Dec-20 10:32 DL0GC I have been completely satisfied with Ham Office for 20 years. Thank you very much! *
01-Dec-20 07:11 DG1YFF Have been using the program for at least ??? Years. Fully satisfied with it! The new futures are particularly interesting! *
19-Nov-20 15:42 DL6MGR Very good and extensive software with excellent support! *
15-Nov-20 17:05 DL9LBR +++ functionality very good +++ support also +++ *
11-Nov-20 23:14 DL5KX Rediscovered after a 20 break and use it intensively *
04-Nov-20 21:27 DO8WM Excellent! *
02-Nov-20 19:18 DF9IK Very good program
22-Oct-20 00:04 DG9MFH Very extensive program *
21-Oct-20 14:52 DL1LOD Good, reliable program with exemplary service *
06-Oct-20 19:45 DH1DAV Easy and intuitive to use - I like it very much. *
30-Sep-20 05:41 DL8MKG Very good logbook program. *
25-Aug-20 06:08 DL7AUB Use the prg. for several years and can only say TOP *
11-Aug-20 10:04 DK5ATT Very good logbook program *
09-Aug-20 14:48 DO1EA For me the best logging program! Great support! Many Thanks!!! *
02-Aug-20 08:12 DL1RI Use it from the beginning - perfect program - very good service, prompt response *
26-Jul-20 14:14 DF1QU Great PRG, great service in case of problems *
24-Jul-20 16:27 DL1TKL all good *
18-Jul-20 21:35
Very good software with a lot of funktions."," *"); ?>
15-Jul-20 19:01
Very nice programme perfect, Super alles perfect
12-Jul-20 12:06
Optimal log program, fast service. Little mistakes !! PRAISE *
10-Jul-20 17:31
Everything great. Use the PRG for years. quick help if needed *
08-Jul-20 11:21
No blame, great log program *
29-Jun-20 07:00
Ein Super Programm, die Export/Import Function ist Klasse *
26-Jun-20 19:09
Works without defects *
22-Jun-20 07:03
Great program, especially the export / import functions. *
14-Jun-20 19:33
Good program with great connections. *
07-Jun-20 00:47
Great program would buy it again *
18-May-20 07:38
Functionality is great, vy 73 Gerd *
10-May-20 12:00
Great program, great service *
10-May-20 10:01
Works cleanly, neatly and reliably. This makes logging easy and evaluations are no problem. vy 73, Ralf, DE4DAE and DL4DAE
08-May-20 16:18
I already used the previous software in DOS times. Highly recommended program with plenty of features and great support! *
08-May-20 07:14
Use it since the beginning-perfect program- super !!! *
02-May-20 23:07
Great software! Use and will continue to use it *
02-May-20 14:29
Simple, up-to-date and clear *
01-May-20 20:25
The only reason that i use Windows on my iMac !
01-May-20 09:42
Very good logbook program with many functions - simply great! *
30-Apr-20 21:16
Simply great, all round *
30-Apr-20 07:54
the perfect logbook *
29-Apr-20 20:59
Clear program in German and helpful support *
29-Apr-20 15:34
very good prog. And if there are problems someone is there to help. TOP *
05-Jan-20 21:46
The best logging program ever. Does anything, can do anything and the support is great. *
30-Jul-19 16:42
The best log prg for all possible QSL evaluations. *
22-Jul-19 17:22
I am completely satisfied *
17-Jun-19 20:02
More so 13 years in use - > just perfect ! Thank you ! *
16-Jun-19 19:23
best development in german HamRadio, super service
31-May-19 14:57
Great service, prompt answer to a question about the operation *
30-May-19 05:41
Great program, the change was worth it *
13-Apr-19 04:48
I've never had any problems *
15-Mar-19 20:23
Certainly one of the best HAMLog programs. I've been using it for almost 2 years now and have> 14,000 QSOs saved. *
13-Mar-19 09:20
HAM Office 6 has been working with ADIF3 for 3 years. If you are using an old version of software, you shouldn't be surprised at the limitations. *
11-Mar-19 11:58
you cannot load the confirmation and images with HO5, eQSL. The fault is allegedly eQSL because of ADIF3 format *
25-Feb-19 18:20
I've been there since the beginning, just awesome, good log *
13-Feb-19 14:57
Works pretty good!
29-Jan-19 15:58
The best log program I've used to date. I only use another program for the contests that have not (yet) been added to HO *
23-Jan-19 15:36
My favorite log software
27-Dec-18 22:01
Well, probably the best german logging software for every day.
27-Dec-18 12:50
Very good logbook program. Exemplary support. I can recommend the program without hesitation. *
10-Dec-18 11:31
nice german logging tool
09-Dec-18 17:41
Just have fun! And if something happens, the support is great! *
09-Dec-18 16:45
For me the best logging program! Many Thanks! *
05-Nov-18 11:12
Over 30,000 QSL scans and more than 12,000 eQSLs for a total of 4 callsigns are managed securely and easily. *
15-Oct-18 10:22
Great program, versatile, best service. Adi data upload and download works fine. *
15-Oct-18 04:30
Excellent program - continuous updates - a lot of additional functions - continuous further development - fast support *
12-Oct-18 21:55
Great log program *
03-Oct-18 11:51
Thanks for the great program and the perfect fast service *
30-Sep-18 20:09
Great log program, great support *
30-Nov-17 16:06
Really great, really good program *
25-Nov-17 11:01
Now also as freeware (ANDROID app) for / p and WLAN (in the Google Play Store). *
03-Aug-17 23:31
Tnx. to ARCOMM Crew for this Super Log programm.Would be very nice, to see it in English language also one day.
01-Mar-17 12:27
HAM Office is an eQSL member with DL0HAM (ARCOMM HAMCrew). *
07-Feb-17 11:09
Very good program / ongoing development / great performance. *
02-Feb-17 21:49
Very satisfied. Use Hamoffice since version 3, now also with version 6. Support and current updates are excellent! Again and again pleasant surprises. *
03-Jan-17 13:22
Very satisfied, the innovations in Ham 6 are very good *


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