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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
  • 6.285.1: Update of the December contests
  • 6.285.1: Statistics: 2 more corrections (including map display and counting of individual modes)

29.11.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.285.1

  • 6.285.0: Import: Adjustments to possible faulty ADIF files and programs, including WSJT-X files
  • 6.285.0: QSL print from LogCheck: Removal of a drop in speed when printing a single QSO (premium license)
  • 6.285.0: Evaluations: various corrections (including map display)
  • 6.285.0: Maps: Prefix names from deleted DXCC are no longer displayed
  • 6.285.0: Load QSL photos: again display of how many photos have been loaded

25.11.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.285.0

  • 6.284.4: Export to web databases when importing ADIF files optimized
  • 6.284.4: Statistics - DXCC matrix: better consideration of deleted DXCC (if checked)
  • 6.284.4: QSL printing: if options in the form "only print if etc" have been assigned to text fields, this now works more reliably for tables
  • 6.284.4: DXCluster window on second monitor: when accepting a cluster entry by double-clicking in the log, the cluster window was reduced in size - now fixed

05.11.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.284.4

  • 6.284.3: Export to web databases when importing ADIF files optimized
  • 6.284.3: Data synchronization: remembers the last options set
  • 6.284.3: Awards: Removal of an error message "Index double"
  • 6.284.3: eQSL import: Adaptation to changes when importing from Inbox
  • 6.284.3: Removal of an error message that might occur during import
  • 6.284.3: minor correction to the send command for rotor control
  • 6.284.3: Update of the November contest

28.10.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.284.3

  • 6.284.2: Removal of an error message that sometimes appeared at the end of the program
  • 6.284.2: QSO input window: in the additional statistics window all displays are deleted after F12
  • 6.284.2: Program end with less waiting time if no export to the web is activated
  • 6.284.2: with "Log as list" Alt + S sometimes closed the list - now fixed
  • 6.284.2: Purchase version: Export to web databases during ADIF import works again
  • 6.284.2: a pos

14.10.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.284.2

  • 6.284.1: Web QSO exchange: with small monitors the lower input fields can be moved up
  • 6.284.1: Improvement in the manual font size setting
  • 6.284.1: Improvement in the cooperation between font size setting and Aa function as well as with multiple monitors (premium license)
  • 6.284.1: Correction of the EDI file output at the AGCW VHF / UHF contest
  • 6.284.1: Correction of the point display in the Rheinland-Pfalz contest (the file sent to the organi

07.10.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.284.1

  • 6.284.0c: Options bar had to be reset after restarting version 6.284.0 -> corrected
  • 6.284.0b: Removal of an error message when opening the QSO input window that occurred on some PCs
  • 6.284.0: Update of the October contests
  • 6.284.0: Purchase version: QRB display visible again
  • 6.284.0: QSL printing: Removed a delay that slowed down printing.
  • 6.284.0: DXCC statistics - map - extended: DXCC circles now also appear in the printout

29.09.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.284.0

  • 6.283.6c: under certain circumstances the font in the QSO input window in version 6.283.6 is too big - now corrected (premium license)
  • 6.283.6c: Export: now also remembers the setting "do not export if ..." (premium license)
  • 6.283.6: Update HAM OFFICE app (Android): Removal of an endless loop when loading the logs from HAM OFFICE (PC) via the PLUS ... function
  • 6.283.6: Update HAM OFFICE app (Apple iOS): Correction for data exchange between the app an

24.09.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.283.6

  • 6.283.4: all contests: there is now the option in the configuration window below to specify a start number for the consecutive number of the next QSOs
  • 6.283.4: all contests: the images on the left are now scaled better so that they are not covered
  • 6.283.4: Export: The suffix of the station call is now also saved in the settings file
  • 6.283.4: QSO input window: Display of the number of "xxx QSOs with ..." even if the log list window is pushed very close to

03.09.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.283.4

  • 6.283.3: Update QCWA Contest
  • 6.283.3: Removal of an error message that could occur during contests

27.08.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.283.3

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