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  • 6.298.9: Functions "Copy logbook" and "QSL label - data selection": here too, improvement in the behavior of the lists when several entries are marked.
  • 6.298.9: TRX FTDX101D,YAESU_FTDX101MP,YAESU_FTDX10,YAESU_FT710: Differentiation CW-L and CW-U
  • 6.298.9: CW-Keyer: The text input window has been revised. It now allows immediate text entry, saving with Enter and closing with ESC
  • 6.298.9: Elimination of an error message that could possibly appear when opening th

18.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.9

  • 6.298.8: Improved behavior of lists when selecting multiple entries.
  • 6.298.8: QSL print mask editor: better positioning of elements when view is zoomed in
  • 6.298.8: QSL printing mask editor: better usability via keyboard (moving, deleting elements etc)

11.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.8

  • 6.298.7: QSO lists: in some functions the QSO list changed the current line - this is now improved
  • 6.298.7: Mask editor for label printing: Updates to the view of the currently edited element are now faster
  • 6.298.7: in some windows in the label printing area the switches were not fully visible - improved
  • 6.298.7: Statistics - Diagrams: Label now remains even with narrower bars

04.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.7

  • 6.298.6: Update of the April contests.
  • 6.298.6: Contest HAM Holyland: Adaptation to new announcement
  • 6.298.6: QSO lists: After deleting a QSO, the bar was sometimes set to previous QSOs. Now it always moves to the next QSO.
  • 6.298.6: QSO input window: When increasing the font size with the Aa switch, the lines in the QSO list became too large. Now improved.
  • 6.298.6: Label printing: An error message may appear when opening the mask editor window.

28.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.6

  • 6.298.5: Lists: Improved display when the scroll bar is pressed
  • 6.298.5: Color correction in settings windows
  • 6.298.5: Lexicon HAM abc: Updates about the new entry-level class N
  • 6.298.5: eQSL export for purchased version: It can now be set separately whether the export to eQSL should also take place when importing a log
  • 6.298.5: less flickering on the GPS switch in the QSO input window
  • 6.298.5: Web QSO exchange window at start or end n

21.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.5

  • 6.298.4: Elimination of slowdown in database speed caused by antivirus programs
  • 6.298.4: Contest: When entering a double QSO, a message appears as before, but saving the QSO is now generally still permitted
  • 6.298.4: External logs: Optimization when sorting ADIF files before reading in
  • 6.298.4: Statistics: Counting correct again when selecting individual fashion groups
  • 6.298.4: QSL label: Import of HL3 files revised

14.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.4

  • 6.298.3: Lines in the QSO and contest input window better take into account the font scaling currently set with the Aa switch and no longer become larger
  • 6.298.3: Line heights in lists for Windows 7 users vs. improved last version
  • 6.298.3: The station list number can now be up to 12 characters long, allowing a better overview of extensive station lists
  • 6.298.3: The SAT_MODE field now automatically only gets SX if the QO-100 is entered as SAT, no automatic

07.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.3

  • 6.298.2: Update Contest YL-Party
  • 6.298.2: Update MVP contest
  • 6.298.2: various minor layout improvements
  • 6.298.2: QSO input window: Acceleration of the reset and save functions (Premium license)

01.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.2

  • 6.298.1: March contest update
  • 6.298.1: Update HAM abc lexicon file
  • 6.298.1: QSO input window: "Search call" switch now also allows calls with zero with a dash
  • 6.298.1: Layout correction for online update (font color)

22.02.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.1

  • 6.298.0: QSO input window: if you click on the small QSL switch, individual images are now displayed larger depending on the screen scaling in Windows (Premium License)
  • 6.298.0: External logs and QO-100: When automatically importing from external logs, the SAT and SAT_Mode fields are now also filled with QO-100 and SX if the frequency is 24000 MHz is (and the SAT_MODE field is present)
  • 6.298.0: When exporting to an ADIF file or to web databases, the SAT_MODE field

15.02.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.0

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