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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
  • 6.282.4: Update of the August contests
  • 6.282.4: Contests: Correction for ADIF import
  • 6.282.4: Statistics window for QSO input: Correction of the tab display if it is set that the statistics types are not displayed permanently
  • 6.282.4: Statistics window for QSO input: sometimes the QSO input window closed when the statistics window was closed - now corrected

03.08.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.282.4

  • 6.282.1: VHF contests: in the configuration window you can now specify "MIXED" for band if you want to run the contest on several bands.
  • 6.282.1: VHF contests in mixed-band operation: if a band is selected, only QSOs with this band are displayed in the QSO list. Improvement in CAT operation. EDI files are now created for each band worked.
  • 6.282.1: VHF contests: in the configuration window there is the new option "Exchange = DOK (DL)". If a user who does not come from DL

07.07.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.282.1

  • 6.281.4: Menu of the spot map in the DX alarm window now has another entry for deleting the displayed spots. (Premium license)
  • 6.281.4: Highlighting of the current band switch in the DX alarm window now improved again.
  • 6.281.4: If the start window is not maximized, but the QSO input window is maximized, then the start window is then displayed in its original size again.
  • 6.281.4: DX alarm window: remembers the width of the lower statistics window better

17.06.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.281.4

  • 6.281.3: Under certain circumstances HAM OFFICE required more and more main memory over time after starting. That is better solved now.
  • 6.281.3: Web QSO exchange: With the individual web databases under "Logbook - OnlineLog, eQSL, LotW etc" you can now specify separately in the export options whether the QSOs at the moment when they are imported from another log file (e.g. from WSJT-X) should also be sent to the corresponding web database. The underlying export function has bee

10.06.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.281.3

  • 6.281.2b: Fixed a bug in version 6.281.2 in the DXCluster.
  • 6.281.2: The hoverzeichnis.dat file is now also saved during the Autobackup so that various settings for external logs or web databases can be restored.
  • 6.281.2: Improvement of the activity maps in the large DX cluster window. Locator more visible. Magnifying glass function. (Premium license)
  • 6.281.2: In the QSO input window for the cluster map also menu selection for map section and loc displa

03.06.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.281.2

  • 6.281.1: Update June contests.
  • 6.281.1: New contests: DIG spring contest and DIG birthday contest
  • 6.281.1: Correction to version 281.0: CAT list complete again
  • 6.281.1: Label printing EMail-QSL: The placeholders in the email text (see email options) have received new numbers. The placeholders for "Options-EMail-Text" may have to be set again. (This does not affect the placeholders in the picture. These are unchanged.)
  • 6.281.1: DXCluster: Map now ba

27.05.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.281.1

  • 6.281.0: New function: The map in the DXCluster window now has a small switch that can be used to change the map view: either as before, display of the last DX spots or as an activity map display of the activity in a specific locator area. In addition, you can restrict the area so that - as with FT8, for example - only the map area of ??interest is displayed. (Premium license)
  • 6.281.0: The F3 map window can be closed again with ESC.
  • 6.281.0: Correction when loading

20.05.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.281.0

  • 6.280.6: Update Contests
  • 6.280.6: Improvements in web queries (less waiting times)

13.05.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.280.6

  • 6.280.5c: Under certain circumstances it could happen that the DXAlarm monitor window stopped. This has now been fixed.
  • 6.280.5b: Update of the contest "Europe Day of School Stations" (WAE column)
  • 6.280.5: Removal of various error messages
  • 6.280.5: Correction of QSO dispatch to qrz.com

06.05.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.280.5

  • 6.280.4: Update of the May contests
  • 6.280.4: QSO input window: the input field "SAT" now remembers the input and then offers it as a list (premium license)
  • 6.280.4: Revisions for web access
  • 6.280.4: current log in title bar for screen readers even with purchased version
  • 6.280.4: Contests: now remember the band and mode that were last set, switches partially renamed
  • 6.280.4: QSO input window: F2 and F11 buttons now work better (important f

29.04.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.280.4

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