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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
  • 6.280.3: Reduction of the timeouts for call web queries
  • 6.280.3: Current log name in the start window and in the QSO input window visible in the title bar (premium license, adaptation for screen readers)
  • 6.280.3: Open the EQSL inbox next to the log: Correction
  • 6.280.3: Correction SOTA export
  • 6.280.3: Screen reader: crossed out zero automatically switched off for calls etc
  • 6.280.3: F3 map in the QSO input window: better central posi

21.04.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.280.3

  • 6.280.1: Revisions for contests and new version of the North Contest, WPX Contest and Funktag Kassel
  • 6.280.1: Statistics: DXCC evaluation on map: with wide monitors, the lower, previously invisible map area can be moved upwards (premium license)
  • 6.280.1: CAT: Negative offsets now also possible with the Transverter (premium license)
  • 6.280.1: QSO input window: With EASY layout and small layout now better display if the font size is changed with the Aa switch

09.04.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.280.1

  • 6.280.0: important revision of the WPX-Contest
  • 6.280.0: Update April Contests
  • 6.280.0: New contest: Funk.Tag Kassel
  • 6.280.0: QSO input window: more space for QSL info
  • 6.280.0: RXonAir web display infotext revised for longer texts
  • 6.280.0: Night mode: Handling of input texts for ITU and CQ now better, further small layout corrections
  • 6.280.0: new start images provided in the online update
  • 6.280.0: eQSL export directly

26.03.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.280.0

  • 6.279.5c: At Contest YL Party, proceed as follows to correct the printout of the multinationals: Open the QSO list in the contest, then close it and then create an ELog file
  • 6.279.5: Corrections for HAM DIG and HAM MVP (mode selection)
  • 6.279.5: VHF contests: better switch arrangement with CW keyer, the buttons Clear and Save keep the keys F12 and F10, if the CW texts for the F10 -Key no text was stored
  • 6.279.5: Contests: if CAT is set in such a way that no

05.03.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.279.5

  • 6.279.4: Change to MRR-Contest: Now with Cabrillo file
  • 6.279.4: CAT during contests: if RXonAir is switched on, when the CAT switch is activated in the contest, CAT is switched on / off there as well
  • 6.279.4: Data backup: with the full backup and with the autobackup, the file hoverzeichnis.dat is now also backed up, which also contains web passwords (ClubLog etc)
  • 6.279.4: Web queries from the HAM OFFICE CallCloud are carried out in a more resource-savin

04.03.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.279.4

  • 6.279.2: DX Cluster: with the classic color layout, the current row is easier to read
  • 6.279.2: CAT: IC-705 added (premium license)
  • 6.279.2: LotW-Export: Diagnostic protocol more informative in case of problems
  • 6.279.2: Statistics - own statistics lists: Correction for locator statistics and additional field statistics
  • 6.279.2: LogCheck: Correction for export function
  • 6.279.2: DXCC-Award: now also counts the SAT-QSOs correctly for award,

11.02.2021  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.279.2

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