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Tel:+49 (0)30 351 26 92 62
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HAM OFFICE - Premium license
(Release 6.x.xxx)

For new customers.

As a download or CD version with an up-to-date guarantee.
Duration 365 days (annual license) with automatic renewal
(Extension can be canceled at any time up to 1 week before the current license period expires)
Follow-up license only 17.10 € p.a ..
Addition: HAM OFFICE APP with full functionality for 6 months

€ 38,50
(including 19% VAT plus Shipping)
Delivery time: 1 to 4 days
The basic logbook. With all the basic functions for your QSOs.
Program features
HAM OFFICE - main program
  • QSO & QSL
  • Search & Logcheck
  • Evaluation & Statistics
  • Maps
  • DX cluster
  • satellites
  • Interfaces to devices and web
  • Up-to-dateness guarantee
all functions explained in detail


"HAM OFFICE App" - mobile module
  • Express QSO
  • Offline Atlas
  • Data exchange
  • Media library
  • 6 months of use
all information about the app

You receive the program as a full version (only for new customers) either by download (200MB) or on CD with an annual subscription.
In addition, you receive the HAM OFFICE APP for a license period of 6 months.

The subscription price includes a usage period of 365 days (annual license) with an up-to-dateness guarantee, i.e. you receive all new program versions and improvements during the term free of charge.

After the period of use has expired, the period of use is automatically extended by a further 365 days (annual license extension) at a price of EUR 17.10 per year. The usage fee is invoiced at the beginning of a new usage period.

The subscription can be terminated in writing by either party at any time, but no later than 1 month before the end of the current period of use, without giving reasons. After canceling the subscription, HAM OFFICE continues to run in a severely restricted mode. No new data can be added to the databases, the import function, contest function and interface to additional modules are deactivated. However, existing data can still be viewed and evaluated. The full range of functions can be reactivated at any time without loss of data when purchasing a new annual license.

Instructions: Complete the order. When ordering, you can decide whether you want to purchase the program on CD or by downloading it. If you have decided on the download option, you will receive the download link that you need to install the software and your Individual license key for activating the software sent by email.

During the ordering process, you can determine on the shopping cart pages whether you want to receive the software by download or by post.
** One-time extension for a further 6 months is possible at www.hamoffice.de in the account area. See also Terms of use.
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